My Fees

William          $75 Hour
Eradicators    $50 Hour


Travel Costs  + Tolls & Ferry's

$50 Hour with Pickup Trucks
$60 Hour with Dump Truck
$70 Hour with 3 Ton Truck
$70 Hour with Dump & Chipper

Pulling a trailer adds 10 mins per hour 

1st day costs are Travel Costs + Gas and Tolls
Additional Days on the job only include Gas and Tolls

Removal Costs

$10 a bag
$400 when the Trailer (12'x5'x2') is loaded with Poison Ivy Vines

Note: For insurance purposes I have to handle all disposal of Poison Ivy from the site.


Vine Removal

$100 Hour for work performed on a ladder.

Sprayed Poison Ivy

Disposal of treated poison ivy is $25 for a 10lb bag.  Anything that is sprayed will require an additional deposit for the job.



$150 + .75cents per mile round trip + Tolls

The estimate fee of $150 only will be deducted from your job site once the job has been accepted and deposited.This fee is for two hours , anything past that will be additional fee of $75  per hour.

Travel costs + estimate fee must be paid in advance prior to arrival. (Paypal preferred)

No such thing as an "Average Job" A true estimate will determine how much work is necessary.  

Estimate's are valid for thirty days.


Commercial Brush Chipper ($180 Hour)Commercial Leaf vacuum ($150.00)

Handheld power equipment $15.00 per hour

Cash - Paypal - Checks will have to be approved prior to job acceptance

Pay here with Paypal, click on the Paypal logo below.  

Note:  Many have asked why the Paypal button comes up as "Donation".  This was the only option to allow for any dollar amount to be added by a customer.

Click <HERE> to see the PayPal button options they provide for use.