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I am a authorized Rhino Shelter Dealer offering competitive pricing and installation.

Call 203-558-9760 for pricing. Shipping is a flat fixed rate by State.

Installation Price is 1/2 of the individual unit price starting at $250 + travel time.


Contact Information:
Phone: (Fax) 203-405-3472, (Cell) 203-558-9760


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Instant Garages

Steel Carports

Cycle Cabanas

Portable Buildings

  • Round 14'Wx36'Lx15'H
  • House 14'Wx42'Lx15'H
  • Round 30'Wx30'Lx15'H
  • UN Relief 18'Wx32'Lx15'H

Commercial Buildings


  • Shed 12'Wx12'Lx8'H
  • Peak 12'Wx20'Lx8'H
  • Round 12'Wx20'Lx8'H
  • Peak 12'Wx24'Lx8'H
  • Round 12'Wx24'Lx8'H
  • Peak 22'Wx24'Lx12'H
  • Round 14'Wx24'Lx10'H
  • Round 30'Wx30'Lx15'H

Party Tents

  • 14'Wx14'Lx9'H
  • 14'Wx20'Lx9'H
  • 14'Wx27'Lx9'H
  • 14'Wx32'Lx9'H

Dog Kennels